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demotivated at work..

August 5, 2008

work work work.. that is the only that was on my mind lately and has been keeping me awake at nite

have not been sleeping well becoz thinking too much about work. its not that the work is stressful just that i have no control of the work. i have been feeling demotivated for the past 3 weeks and have yet to find out what is my problem at work.

its like when its monday, i woud be dragging myself to work like its doomsday. by friday i be bouncing off the wall coz the weekend has arrived and that i do not have to think about work anymore.

i have been taking refuge at cafes away from work and working away from the office. i cant concentrate when i am work and whenever i tried really hard to concentrate i just veered off and start doin something else like blogging or facebooking for instance.

i have no idea what i am doing and also why am i sabotaging my own career? what could be the problem?? nites and days went pass and i am still pondering and thinking and wondering..  i just hope my bout of demotivation would go away..

i wish.. i hope.. i wish..

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