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this is the continuation of my old blog at mindless blabber. it was fun blogging there but i decided to take blogging into a more serious and fun note.. hmmm a bit of a contradiction there. serious and yet fun. well a little intro about me.

i am little miss not so sunshine sometimes and can be a bit crude and sarcastis at times. i have a generally negative, pessimistic view of the world but it can have a glint of sunlight hope at times. but i do not always look at the brighter side of the life and the world preferably looking at it in the grey area.

This blog is also an extended blog of what my previous blog was not able to do which is view things at the larger view rather than taking a look a the minute details of a person;s life.

Also it would allow me to profess my love for food.. food.. and fun stuff that i do beside just working as a slave in the corporate world. this blog also profess my love for my loved ones.. my cat, my numerous hamsters, my family and the one and only apple of my eye.. thyceult…

hope you enjoy the ride.

looking small at life

looking small at life

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