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finally 8.8.08

August 12, 2008

finally the coverted grand Olympics has arrived. i stayed up to watch the olympics opening live on tv. it was a very very grand and spectacular opening that i have ever seen. one of the best ones that i have seen so far. the chinese has outdid themselves. as usually it is normal as the opening was directed by the famous chinese director Zhang Yimou.

last 4 years ago during the olympics in greece, i like how they brought us back to history with the origins of the olympics. read all about the olympics on this link time, chinese has brought us back to the history of china. but unfortunately china has always seems to forget their most important point in history, communism and the revolution in china. this intergal part of history was not included in the “movie”. if you want to know more of china’s black mark of history, go to this site, site and this site.

the olympics in china has also had many controversies ranging from its so called green design of the stadiums and buildings to Tibetan controversy.

i want to tell people that despite the fact that tibet was not even given a chance to be represented in this years olympic it did not stop the tibetans from having their own olympics in their own backyard. i commend the spirit of of the tibetan people.. i cant believe it.. i always thought that olympics is to promote human unity and tolerance and togetherness in spirit of sportmenship. as i hear the words for the official theme song of the olympics this year, i do not think this is what china truly believes….

the song goes like this :

you and me, from one world
heart to heart
we are one family
for dreams we travel
thousands of miles
we meet in beijing
come together
the joy we share
you and me
from one world
forever we are one family

i would pray for the long life of the Honourable Dalai Lama and that his work will eventually bear fruits of peace and solace to the people of tibetan..i hope that people of tibet would remain strong and relentless about their culture, religion and their lives..


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